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I don't really consider myself to be a tech blogger, but I love a good product, and am addicted to my iPhone and everything Apple.  A fellow student of Penn State, Nicole Kelner, has recently reached out to me and introduced me to her new innovation, the Smart Purse.  As well as being fashionable and convenient, the Smart Purse allows you to use your touch screen phone without taking it out of your bag.  Coming from someone who is quite clumsy, is constantly breaking and spilling everything in site, and loves a good night out on the town, I need this in my life if my phone is going to make it to its first birthday.

What impresses me most about Nicole is the fact that she taught herself to sew to make her design come to life.  Not too many people have that kind of dedication to their own ideas, and very little people have the talent and patience.

Right now, Nicole is running a campaign on IndieGoGo to produce the Smart Purse on a larger scale.  She is trying to raise $5,000 and has 17 days left to complete the goal.  You can check out the campaign here, and donate if you like what you see!

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  1. What a fantastic design! Definitely going to check her out. I'm hoping that this would work with Android phones as well!