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One of my roommates just moved out, leaving me with an extra half a bedroom and a lot more space to decorate.  I was able to move my sewing machines into the room and take on some projects.  It was really hard to choose which ones, but I framed four of my Swissted posters (if you remember my post about the book, here) and made a DIY lighting fixture from a mason jar and an IKEA cord set.

The last poster, from Litographs, added the final touches to my new space.  I had published a previous post wearing my Great Gatsby t-shirt from the company, which you can find here.  The entire work of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis is printed onto this poster.  I framed it and hung it above my bed.  As a huge literature buff, it is my favorite new piece.  Once I graduate in May, I will definitely be purchasing more posters from them to decorate my new flat.

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  1. These posters are so bold and add so much to your new space!! Good move!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. Loving those posters (that was a great post). That diy light is amazing, what a fantastic idea!