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Travels with Face Hunter


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Travels with Face Hunter: Street Style from Around the World
by Yvan Rodic
c/o Running Press

I have recently added a new book to my stockpile of fashion reads.  Travels with Face Hunter tells the story of Yvan Rodic's travels around the globe through photos of street style, architecture, food, and people.  My favorite thing about this book is that it's not just a collection of images of shoes, handbags, or outfits.  Rodic really captures the soul of the different cities he visited (31 in all) in his photographs.  I enjoyed reading his quips about each new place, and it makes me want to visit and take it all in for myself.  Hopefully some day I'll be able to afford to travel to each beautiful place.

Travels with Face Hunter is to be released in May 2013.  I highly recommend ordering yourself a copy and spending your days vicariously living through the gorgeous photographs.

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Photography by Drew Mistak and Brianna Moylan

I got to turn 22 this past weekend and received the best present ever, the chance to design for my first fashion show.  It was such an honor to be selected as one of a dozen talented designers to premiere collections at the 26th annual SPIRIT fashion show in Pittsburgh.  I paraded the 8 looks from my Fall 2013 collection Translation.  Here are some photos that I managed to wrangle up from my segment of the show.  This past week has been insanely hectic in preparation for the show, and now that it is over, I don't know what to do with myself!  I hope you like the pieces I had made and hopefully I get to do another show in the near future.

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"Bodywarmer" Autumn/Winter 2013
Ksenia Schneider
Images via Caption London

I'm alive!  Bare with me for the next week, I have been so busy anxiously finishing my collection for the show this weekend and preparing a professional website for job searches.  My show is this coming Saturday (holla at me if you'll be in Pittsburgh this weekend!) and I cannot be more excited.  I can't wait to publish it for you to see!

These are my favorite looks from the AW 2013 collection by Ksenia Schneider.  The duo are such amazing designers and I love the androgyny (they do menswear too!) behind the pieces.  I need to get myself that "Corruption" tee.  Hope you like the collection as much as I do and I'll be back soon!

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valley shoot


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photography by Ohan Yilmaz

Here are more photos from my shoot and feature with Valley Magazine.  I'm wearing a studded blazer from PacSun, baggy trousers from Kill City, and one of my dad's vintage Boston t-shirts.  We shoot in a garden on campus, where the chill of winter had killed most of the greenery.  I'm so happy with how these photos turned out, and I hope that you like them!

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clutch by Alexander Mcqueen

An oversized parka, a pair of Dr Martens and these unwonted ball-and-chain bracelets by MMM add the perfect military flare to this simple striped dress from Garage.  I love to fill my closet with black and white basics and top any outfit with a sprinkle of designer and high street pieces.  The weather is starting to warm up, and I cannot wait to shed my jeans for a little bare leg.

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One of my roommates just moved out, leaving me with an extra half a bedroom and a lot more space to decorate.  I was able to move my sewing machines into the room and take on some projects.  It was really hard to choose which ones, but I framed four of my Swissted posters (if you remember my post about the book, here) and made a DIY lighting fixture from a mason jar and an IKEA cord set.

The last poster, from Litographs, added the final touches to my new space.  I had published a previous post wearing my Great Gatsby t-shirt from the company, which you can find here.  The entire work of Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis is printed onto this poster.  I framed it and hung it above my bed.  As a huge literature buff, it is my favorite new piece.  Once I graduate in May, I will definitely be purchasing more posters from them to decorate my new flat.

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fashion tech

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I don't really consider myself to be a tech blogger, but I love a good product, and am addicted to my iPhone and everything Apple.  A fellow student of Penn State, Nicole Kelner, has recently reached out to me and introduced me to her new innovation, the Smart Purse.  As well as being fashionable and convenient, the Smart Purse allows you to use your touch screen phone without taking it out of your bag.  Coming from someone who is quite clumsy, is constantly breaking and spilling everything in site, and loves a good night out on the town, I need this in my life if my phone is going to make it to its first birthday.

What impresses me most about Nicole is the fact that she taught herself to sew to make her design come to life.  Not too many people have that kind of dedication to their own ideas, and very little people have the talent and patience.

Right now, Nicole is running a campaign on IndieGoGo to produce the Smart Purse on a larger scale.  She is trying to raise $5,000 and has 17 days left to complete the goal.  You can check out the campaign here, and donate if you like what you see!

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