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Tell Me, Where Did You Sleep Last Night?


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thrifted jaguar applique sweatshirt
nude and white leather shorts from Forever 21

The snow is melting, it is finally Spring (even though some days it doesn't feel like it), and it is time to get outside and pretend like we aren't growing up.  After a lovely weekend in New Jersey/New York, I am trying to prepare myself for a week of nothing but sewing in preparation for model fittings this coming Sunday.  For those who don't know, I am designing for my first fashion show on April 13, and I am far from ready.  I feel like I'm on Project Runway with the stress and time restraint to finish my designs and alterations.  But, it's so exciting!

Aside from that, I did get some good shopping in this weekend, including these shorts which I scoured up and down a two floor Forever 21 to find in my size.  This sweatshirt is one of my new thrifted finds, I love the jaguar applique and the oversized feel.

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