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FU DOUBLE CK Print Boyfriend Pullover Sweatshirt from SheInside 
(Black) // (White)

I  saw these sweatshirts from SheInside last week on Sietske's blog and I've been obsessing ever since.  They are so kitsch, obscene, and perfect.  So now the question is...black or white?

Edit:  I've gotten a few comments warning me about the lack of quality and service that readers have experienced from SheInside (I have never purchased from the site and have no personal opinion).  Instead, by suggestion, I have turned it into a DIY project that you can find here.

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  1. Ha, they remind me of FCUK. I worked at French Connection's NYC showroom back in the day. So, what will it be, black or white?? xo r

  2. I love sweatshirts, so cozy and fun and you have picked out gorgeous pair. Hmmm..white or black? Take a look at your wardrobe and which color you have more and pick out the missing one. I like how black stands out in this photo, but remmeber that black fades pretty quickly ...oh...they both are fab!

    xoxo Ra

  3. I am totally loving these sweatshirts. They are so kickass! x

    Fashion Landscape

  4. Omg I die. Definitely black, it makes the white pop so hard I need to jump over and grab it <3


  5. They are great...I'm going with one of each but if you really have to chose then black!

  6. Thanks for the comment love! I have mixed feelings about these ever since I read about their horrific delivery and quality of the garments on Soophisticated blog :/ If you want to order, be sure to check if they accept returns in case something similar happens! x

  7. to be honest with you I don't like and don't trust sheinside. I've ordered 3 Times already from the shop and I recieved only one package. two have gone missing in some mysterious way. sad but true. If I were you I would buy plain jumper and print the sign in a local photography studio. It's cheaper and you can have both, black and white ;) ;)

    all the best
    Pat / the spot style/