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RIP YSL tee by Blood is the New Black

I'm typing from the comfort of my hard-wood bedroom floors with blue hair.  I'm experimenting with new ways to dye my hair and hopefully it won't turn out terribly bad.  I've been trying to shoot an outfit for the last couple of days, but since I brought my boyfriend home for the week my mom has been going insane with planning out every single minute of our time spent at home.

Here is a little outfit inspired by comic book graphics and a mixture of high street meets high fashion.  I need these exclamation point earrings and monochrome handbag in my life!

Tomorrow I am off to Erie, PA to spend some time by the lake (in the freezing cold...) and some time with my best friend.  Here's to praying that my hair turns out well and I can actually show my face outside the house...

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1 comment:

  1. Good luck with the hair dye, have fun in the freezing cold and I love that bag!