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I Got My Half-Pipe


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Photography by Billy Bessas

necklace from H&M
zipper leggings by LNA
boots by Steve Madden

First off, yes, I do realize that you would never ride a longboard on a half-pipe   I hope that fact does not detract from the badassery of these images.  During my visit to Jersey this weekend, me and Billy shot on this perfectly overgrown half-pipe he has in his frontyard.  He definitely gets boyfriend points for that, even though it is unrideable now.  I know it wouldn't be if he had been living at home.

This sweater is from my recent Asos shopping spree that I treated myself to.  It is so cozy (and only $35!).  I also just picked up this pink statement necklace at H&M.  You may recognize it due to the fact that every single blogger out there has the lime green version.  To my shock and surprise, I found the green one as well, and had a very tough decision on my hands.  I have a couple detail shots that I plan on posting tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  My plan to fight off the Monday blues?  Frozen pumpkin pie margaritas on special.  I know it sounds kind of gross, but trust me.

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  1. Lovvvingg this outfit. That sweater is so perfect, especially for the crazy cold weather over the weekend. Pumpkin Pie Margaritas?!?!?!? UMMM WHERE?! ( I have a pumpkin obsession).


  2. Hell yea! Congrats and you look amazeeeee

    ox from NYC!