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zz top baseball tee vintage
bleached shorts diy

Finally a new post!  I have been so busy with school starting and my sister's wedding that I feel like I am losing touch with my blog and readers.  Hopefully I will learn how to better manage my time, as I haven't had to juggle blogging and schoolwork before.  This makes me realize how new my blog is and how grateful I am that it has become so successful in such a short amount of time.

Anyways, this is the outfit I wore to a fair near my hometown.  The tee is one of my dads from the 80s, and the shorts are the ones I had diy-ed and posted about here.  This outfit pretty much defines my style - a little diy, a little rock n roll, and pretty minimal.  As you can see, I'm also sporting my post wedding hair.  The humidity outside pretty much killed it, but I'm always a fan of second-day curls because they look more like waves.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and a happy Labor Day to all of my American readers.  I promise to keep these long breaks between posts to a minimum.

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  1. Love the shorts and the DIY ! <3

  2. nice photos darling, love the short :)


  3. so cuuuteee :)


  4. Thanks for the comment lovely! And yes, I remember telling you about shredded tee also, can't wait to see how yours turns out! And love these jean shorts, I'm doing something similar with my jeans atm haha :) www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  5. Great shorts!