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DIY Update: Shredded Tee


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Breaks at home usually means lots of movies, sewing, and DIY projects.  Right now I am working on shredded tee designs (as shown here on a vintage dress-form my mommy got me) and a bracelet tutorial for The Clothes Maiden's next issue while I soak up endless hours of Wes Anderson movies.  After seeing Moonrise Kingdom (SO good by the way), I have been on a kick.

I'm thinking I might ombre the tees, or some kind of  experimental tie-dying.  It's so nice to have time to relax and be creative!  Once school starts next week its going to be all classes, homework, internship, and hopefully I will have time and money to join the boxing gym.  I used to box and I really miss it!  Time to get out the old pink gloves and give it another swing (pun intended).

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  1. I think an ombre tee would be the perfect DIY! I can't wait to see what you do with it, I know it will come out great.


  2. I did this project last summer, the perfect thing to make the time pass by! I'll post an outfit with it in a few days, so you can check it out! Yours came out amazing btw! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com xx

  3. That's some mad shredding, I love it!