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Yesterday's Details


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Plaid Flannel from the Guy's Department at PacSun 
Re-Runs Waisted Shorts by MINKPINK (here)
Bag O Bones Cuff by Chris Habana (in grey, here)
Rope Bracelet from Dorney Amusement Park
Element Bag from last season (similiar, here)

I loved my outfit so much yesterday that I had to take some quick iPhone snaps of the details.  I just got these MINKPINK shorts and Chris Habana cuff in the mail yesterday and I'm already obsessed with them.  This is the first pair of high-waisted shorts I've owned that actually fit me.  I was a little worried, because they only come in S, M, L and not number sizes, but I am so impressed by the fit and will probably be wearing them everyday for a while.  I posted about the skeleton cuff a couple days ago, and it is as dreamy as I thought it would be.

Hope everyone has an awesome Saturday!  I'm getting my hair done in a few hours and cannot wait.  It hasn't been cut in such a long time.  PS, that green car in the background is my baby and is finally fixed!  (And it didn't cost me a fortune, which is why I'm getting my hair done!)

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  1. Love the cut-off's!!

    PS. We’ve a $100 Giveaway to Skinny Bitch Apparel on our blog! Check it out, if you’d like :)

    ox from NYC!

  2. SO JEALOUS of those shorts. So cute, I want high waisted shorts so badly, but i can't find any that aren't super expensive or only in really tiny sizes. Lovely outfit :)

  3. I love this casual outfit. Your accessories are great! I also have a fashion and lifestyle blog and I'd love you to check it out some time.

    Sarah x

  4. I like your shorts, simple and pretty:) Shorts+shirt=lovely compbination:)

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  6. Amazing BLOG !!I LOVE THE SHORTS ;))

    Maria Onoro

  7. amazing photos! that bone cuff is awesome :)


  8. the bone cuff rox! i want exact same one