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Studded Shoulders


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Photography by Billy Bessas

Studded Muscle Tank by Zara // Periwinkle Skinnies by Zara // Nude Heels from Target // Cage Arm Cuff by Asos (here) // Other Bracelets DIY // Skeleton Hand Clip from Etsy // Wallet from Target

Ladies wear shoulder pads, women wear studs.

Here is the outfit from Zara that I bought during our trip to Jersey last weekend.  I've worn it like 3 times already.  I love the comfy muscle tank and am obsessed with their jeans now.  These periwinkle skinnies are such an awesome color and fit so well!

I'm wearing the skeleton hand hair clip that I posted about a little while ago.  It's my favorite new accessory.  I have two of them, a left hand and a right hand, but my hair is so thin that I usually only wear one at a time.  If you're wondering why I'm hiding my face, its because my nose is all scratched up from Billy's chihuahua.

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  1. Beautiful outfit, perfect in every way! You look absolutely gorgeous!

  2. i really love the studded tank top.
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    Oh it's Juno